Wood-plastic composites production
An innovative technology of WPC pellet production with the addition of solid plastic.
Production of finished products
Products are made from granulated WPC and are characterized by enhanced durability.
Use of green technologies
The waste of local woodworking enterprises is used in the production process of WPC.

The GS Composite plant for production of wood-plastic composites is the first facility in Russia to apply the unique technology for manufacturing WPC pellets with the addition of solid plastic.

The GS Composite plant in Ulyanovsk produces granulated WPC and finished products. The plant is the first in Russia to apply technology for producing a composite mixture with significant proportions of solid plastic – polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

This material is widely used to increase the strength of manufactured products: packaging, construction parts, furniture details and construction formwork elements. The innovative production technology was first developed in Moscow at the GS Group research and technology laboratory.

GS Composite — an ecological production that uses sawdust from local woodworking companies and PET waste as raw wood material to manufacture import-substituting products. WPC pellet output is at 500 kg/hour; production capacity is up to 2,150 tons of finished products per year.